Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Islamic Banking & Finance

Programme Overview & Requirements

Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance

Twelve-Months [Full-Time & Part-Time] program in Islamic Banking and Finance

The Twelve-months Degree program has been developed and designed in collaboration and close contact with industry professionals; it focuses on understanding the primary constituents of Islamic Banking and Finance, thereby providing a strong foundation for a career in the Islamic Banking and Finance Industry. It also assists Executives that are considering the offering of Islamic Banking and Financial services, in developing a business case by understanding the requirements and dynamics of the sector. It also gives valuable insights into the Regulatory Framework for the regulation of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions around the world.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide opportunity for graduates or individuals with working experience, with the purpose of educating and training career in Islamic Banking and Finance.
  2. To train, equip and develop students with practical and intellectual skills that are essential to operate in the Islamic banking and financial industry.
  3. To provide students with an understanding of the jurisprudential and theoretical fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance.
  4. To provide an appreciation of investment regulations relating to the banking industry and to Islamic banking in particular.
  5. To provide an intellectually stimulating environment in which students can develop their knowledge, understanding and analysis of Islamic financial markets, institutions and systems operating around the world.
  6. To train executives desiring specializing in Islamic banking and finance in order to assist expansion in the banking and finance industry.
  7. To provide opportunity for students in related disciplines to pursue a Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance in order to prepare them to enter into the job market in Islamic banking and finance.

Structure and Duration                                                

The Program is to be run both full-time and part-time to suit the working hours of professionals. It is structured for Twelve-months duration, 2 semesters. 

Course Content/Syllabus

S/noCourseCourse UnitsStatus
1Introduction to Islamic Economics3Core
2Principles of Islamic Banking and Finance3Core
3Muamalat, Usuludeen and Fiqh3Core
4Sharia Law and Islamic Jurisprudence3Core
5Non-Interest Products in Nigerian Banks3Core
6Risk Management and Documentation in Islamic banking3Core
7Principle and Practice of Waqf and Zakat3Core
8Principle and Practice of Takaful3Core
9Corporate Governance and Regulations of Islamic Banking3Core
11Research Methodology from Islamic Perspective6Core
12Principles and Practice of Banking3Elective
13Principles and Practice of Insurance3Elective
14Capital Market and Portfolio Analysis3Elective


The program is intended for candidates who can demonstrate prior knowledge of business, commerce, banking and finance either with (a) banking or finance operations/management experience of up to three years or (b) a business, commerce, banking, finance or any social science degree or HND from a recognized university or Polytechnic. A variety of professional qualifications are recognized as meeting this standard. 

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • The Learning and Teaching is provided through lectures, seminars, group work and case studies.
  • Contact and feedback is typically provided through projects, coursework assessments (eg. Essays, tests etc), lectures, seminars, groupwork, and one-to-one contact with staff within the personal tutoring system.

Attendance and Assessment

  • For each module of the program, a student is required to attend in-class hours, complete the required written assignments and pass the final examination.
  • All students are required to ensure a MINIMUM attendance of 80% in order to qualify to sit both the first semester and final examinations.
  • A participant must achieve a minimum mark of 50% to pass each module. Each module may also have specific requirements that need to be met in order to gain credit for the module.
  • The pass/fail decision for students who achieve a mark below 50% but above 45% will be subject to the discretion of the module lecturer.
  • Students who achieve less than 45% overall will be required to attend an alternative examination.


The Program fee structure is as follows:

S/NoFee TypeAmount
1.Application Form FeesN20,000
2.Acceptance FeesN25,000
3.Registration feesN300,000

All fees are paid at the appropriate times. Failure to pay shall result in expulsion from the program. Course fees are fully refundable (100%) if the candidate decides to withdraw two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Course fees are NOT refundable if withdrawal takes place at any time later than two weeks prior to commencement of the course.

Duration of Study

12 Months

NGN 20,000

Is the application fee for this programme

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